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About PeachFit

As a young adult, I always enjoyed fitness and the changes it can do to your body once committed and disciplined. However, it can sometimes feel routined/boring. To keep myself motivated and interested, I would dress up in my best workout fit and head to the gym. Even if working out at home, I would dress up before my session. For some strange reason, “Working out gave me energy”.


Fitness should not be boring. The same effort I put into dressing up for a day at the office or a night out with the girls, I put into my gym fit. I don’t know about anyone else, but the better I look the better I feel.


During Covid-19 Quarantine, we all suffered from gym withdrawals so I would host a bootcamp in my yard with family and friends. My Dad would sit on the couch to watch us for the entire routine. He would sometimes say, “Peachy, you all dress up in your clothes to workout. You need to get your Mom and Sisters some clothes!” I promised him, "I will". My dad passed away June of 2021 and Peach Fit became my tribute back to him to follow something I love and make it great.


I hope you love and enjoy your Gym Fits! Feel free to send us a DM or Email at


Your Fav CEO,

Christal Mackey (Peachy)